The new RapidRide H Line will follow the same route as King County Metro's Route 120, going from Downtown Seattle through Delridge and into Burien. We are working to plan and design transit, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements along the part of the route that runs in Seattle. King County Metro is leading RapidRide improvements and outreach for the part of the route running south from Seattle to Burien.

What have we done so far?

Over the last two years, we've:

  • Gathered information on the existing conditions of Delridge Way SW
  • Considered what types of street improvements could be made
  • Reviewed the City's Pedestrian, Bike, Transit, and Freight Master Plans along with the Move Seattle Plan and King County's Metro Connects Plan to identify potential improvements
  • Gathered community feedback to shape options we're sharing with you today

What have we learned?

  • Delridge Way SW is a unique corridor with a varied streetscape and features that constrain what types of improvements can be considered
  • While people walk, access transit, drive, and bike along this corridor, Delridge Way SW's current design does not reflect the diverse needs of its users
  • With exception of a few segments, Delridge Way SW is heavily oriented toward motor vehicle travel, creating challenging conditions for people walking, biking, and riding transit
  • The Delridge community wants a safer Delridge Way SW with better and more pedestrian crossings, faster and more reliable transit service, and safer bicycle facilities

Connecting with other area improvements

In 2012-2013, King County Metro added smart signals along Delridge Way SW at five key intersections. These allow buses to bypass congestion instead of waiting long periods at red lights.

Other improvements are also coming to Delridge, including:

  • Keeping water clean by adding natural drainage systems in the Longfellow Creek basin – learn more here
  • Increasing mobility for people walking, biking, and driving on Fauntleroy Way SW between 35th Ave SW and SW Alaska St learn more here
  • Replacing street lights with new LED lights to support visibility and safety – learn more here
  • Planning to support a healthy neighborhood through the Delridge Action Plan – learn more here
  • Establishing a new Sound Transit Light Rail Station as part of the Downtown Seattle to West Seattle Light Rail project – learn more here